Custom Tanks

All Round Aquatics can design, build and maintain aquariums of all shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. We can provide traditional glass aquariums or use "Starfire" glass for increased clarity. We can also provide acrylic tanks for increased structural strength.


Glass aquariums have been around for a long time and today prove the most cost effective way to set up your aquarium.


Acrylic aquariums are used a lot overseas and even here can be seen if you visit the Melbourne Aquarium or the new Childrens hospital. The benefit of acrylic aquariums is that they can be engineered to suit any application, can be made in any shape and will not shatter the way glass does in the event of an impact. Acrylic aquariums are best suited where strength is a concern, where the size required is greater than tradition glass manufacturers are comfortable making or where curved glass aquariums are desired. The picture below is an acrylic aquarium we supplied for a client. As you can see, the edges are perfectly clear with no silicon on the joints it provides a very professional and smart looking finish. This is a 3000 litre Aquarium housing marine fish and corals.


All glass contains a certain amount of iron (green colour). Starfire glass has much less iron and therefore less greenness and increased clarity. Whether you are after something for the home or office, or perhaps as an attraction or centerpiece for your customers, we can help you from the initial planning and design process right through to the delivery, installation and delivery of livestock. All Round Aquatics uses only the best quality aquarium products and can ensure all of the equipment you need for a healthy tank is provided in a cost effective manner.